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Here's what our guests say about the Cottages of Governors Run


- Our Seasoned Guests Say -

"May we come back next year?"
The "Five S Sisters" - Stephanie, Sue, Sally, Sharon & Shelia
"Big blue fish were biting this year - the biggest was 30" - will take home about 20 pounds. Small spot, croaker, black sea bass (a first), rockfish and my 1st flounder keeper (17") in 50 years off the pier!"
The Marton Family of Scottsdale, Arizona
"The sights of the sea when you come in the cottage are impressive. The sound of the waves is always there. Jet lagged we did not miss the sunrise and saw the eagle 'float' along from our bed"
The Maas Family of the Netherlands


"827 Sharks teeth in less than four days!"
The Mathis Family of New Jersey
"We spent most of the week trying to figure out when we can come back!"
The Read Family of Redding, Connecticut
"Lovely. Absolutely lovely."
Dr. Bikis of San Francisco, CA
"We love the sound of the surf, the fresh breeze, and clean air!"
The Gilman Family of Wayne, PA


"...boy did this exceed my expectations - we had the best weekend together digging for sharks teeth (we found about 50); dinner at Stoney's, Christmas Walk in Solomons, spotted four bald eagles and long walks on the beach ..."
The Peyton Family of Pennsylvania
"We were looking to escape the convention and its related chaos in the city -- we found much more than expected ... it was a wonderful bonding experience for our family."
The Doty Family of Manhattan


"So much to do and see - yet so relaxing at the same time! Thank you for a wonderful week"
The Ritters of Upstate NY
"We walked to Parker's Creek twice this week and found over 300 sharks teeth! cBay is a wonderful getaway and we hope to return soon."
The Moore's of WV


- Our Younger Guests Say -

"The first thing I liked to do in the morning is get some swords, eat breakfast and go to the beach"  Stefan (aged 4)
"I loved the beach! It wus fun ceching crabs! I liked looking at the boats! It was fun finding sharks teeth."
Casey (aged 6)
"I love to be here again"
Eric (aged 5)
"It was fun at the bech! We went to the aquereem. We found lots of sharc teth! We wached, Bade, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Anglena and B.B. We saw a egel grab a fish. Daddy got stung by a jelly fish! We had a good time!"
Casey (aged 7)
"I am here again. I went to the pier and the beach and when I was on the pier I liked throwing shells. I like this place. I wish I could come here every year."
Eric (aged 6)



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