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Are you looking for a wonderful location to hold a family reunion or perhaps you'd like to share your family vacation with friends and have them join you? Here are a couple options:

Bayfront Cottages: Carly's Cottage and cBay Cottage can each accommodate a maximum of four adults or, if the children are smaller, four adults and a couple children, but in no cases, more than four adults. In the past families have rented multiple cottages to provide greater comfort for the families. Sharing a vacation doesn't necessarily mean sharing the same house! We want to make sure that your visit is as comfortable as possible and your privacy is protected.

Depending on the date of your visit, we may be able to provide additional cottages for your larger group. By combining two cottages you could accommodate up to 8 adults and a few children. Two cottages could accommodate additional adults and children. Carly's and cBay Cottages sit side-by-side overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

Another alternative is a larger home which is directly adjacent to cBay and Carly's Cottages - "Yowell's Magical Home," which sleeps 8 - the large open space and three separate sleeping areas allows for privacy and can act as a central "meeting" location if you plan group meals or family get-togethers. The Cottages of Governors Run does not manage "Yowell's Magical Home" therefore you must rent directly from the owners.

Many families, in the past, have rented "Yowell's Magical Home" as well as a couple cottages offered by The Cottages of Governors Run to make their visit to the Chesapeake Bay more enjoyable.

For the best availability, please book early or off-season.

Visit "Yowell's Magical Home" for availability, accommodations and rates.

For information about renting Carly's or cBay Cottage, please e-mail The Cottages of Governors Run.

For more information or to reserve your next vacation, please contact us, via e-mail

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